Before you can even be allowed into Nursing School most programs will require that you pass what is called a TEAS test (Testing of Essential Academic Skills). This is a multiple-choice assessment of basic academic knowledge in reading, mathematics, science and English and language usage. It is the entrance exam for Regular Prelicensure and Accelerated Prelicensure Bachelor of Science in nursing degrees.  Some schools at the Junior College level require that students take what is called a HESI exam (Health Education Systems Exam).  These tests may vary by state, so check with your admissions office and see which exam will be required for you to take to gain entrance to your schools nursing program.

The TEAS exam should be easy for any future graduate to master as it covers content that is taught in most high schools grades 10-12.  If you need a refresher course, you can look at the schools academic website to find study materials or preparatory course that can help you prepare for this type of test.

Both of these exams whether at the 4-year or Junior college level are designed to see where you stand as far as academic excellence when you apply to the Bachelor of Science program for Nursing.  It also ensures you have the basic math, science, reading and English skills needed to be successful throughout the nursing program.

Other requirements for most nursing programs also include the following:

  • -A standard background check and drug screening
  • -You must pass a physical examination
  • -Up to date Tetanus vaccinations
  • -Proof of immunizations from rubella, varicella and hepatitis B
  • -School will require you carry some type of malpractice insurance
  • -Proof of current CPR certificate for adult, child and infant

The background check is a big deal.  You should make sure that there is nothing in your background such as felony convictions for violent crimes, drug and/or alcohol convictions because the majority of the time you will not be allowed into any program.  Nurses work with children, the sick and elderly and must be trusted around such vulnerable members of our society.   It might be a good idea for you to perform you own background check first before applying to any nursing program.

I know all of these requirements can be a little overwhelming but they are designed to make the school is getting the best and brightest students.  Nurses will be trusted to work with some of our most vulnerable members of society and should have good social skills and be able to maintain a professional manner at all times.  When you are accepted into your schools nursing program, you will then become a representative of the school to the community at large and should maintain a social and professional demeanor at all times.


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