Preparing for Nursing School Interviews

Nursing school interviews can cause more anxiety than you need. Being prepared for some tough questions and keeping your composure will increase chances of being chosen to attend a quality school that offers a career in nursing. Nursing schools want to know that you will be a great student for their school. There are many well qualified candidates lined up for a chance to get in. The interview process will test your poise and readiness for what is to come after acceptance to a nursing program.

Before your interview, take time to research and learn about the nursing school. If you know what the school is looking for, you will then be prepared to explain why you will be the right student for them. Find out what the schools mission statement is. That way you are able to tailor some of your answers to that statement. Look for things the schools say about what they look for, for example previous volunteer activities and work experience in hospitals or other clinical settings. In the interview, try to focus your answers to questions on your strong points, but you don’t want to appear to be too perfect. Be prepared to explain your weaker points if they ask about them. Clarify how you overcome weaknesses rather than make excuses for them. Also think ahead about possible questions they may be asking.  Think about how you will respond so there will be no hesitation or stuttering in your answers. Write down all the possible questions that could be asked. Write what your response will be and study this. Don’t memorize the responses but the responses should be relevant and intelligent. Perform a mock interview with someone other than a close friend of family member. You want a truthful response in pointing out mistakes and bad habits you may have. Some schools have admissions departments that offer mock interviews to students.

Nursing students usually have to look a certain way while representing their school. You are expected to be well groomed and have a clean cut appearance. Show up with nails trimmed and no acrylics, tattoos covered, facial piercings removed, and hair neatly cut or styled.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts:


Do your research

Show up on time

Go to bed early

Dress appropriately


Possibly drive to the location and figure out parking the day before

Have at least 1-2 intelligent questions to ask the interviewer


Chew gum

Constantly apologize

Don’t wear perfume

Discuss religion

Use slang

Smoke before the interview

Use soft voice

In a group interview don’t be the first to answer a question or the last

Here are some of the questions that I was asked before getting accepted in a BSN program at a local university.

What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?

How do you relieve your stress?

What population do you want to work with?

What would a previous employer or professor say about you?

How did you handle a stressful situation?

What experience can you bring to this nursing program?

Proving you are calm, and socially proficient is important in any interview, it is very important in a profession focused around working with other people and dealing frequently with stressful situations and important quick decisions are made. This is what they are looking for. Once you conquer the interview, you are on the way to a nursing career.

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