Should You Take Kaplan?

Kaplan is a test preparation facility for graduate and college admissions, medical licensing, nursing, bar review, real estate, high school admission and information technology. The nursing preparation course helps students achieve education and career goals. This course offer complete preparation for the NCLEX-RN.

At some point right before or during the last semester, students will be faced with a difficult question. Should I take the Kaplan review course? Depending on what type of test taker the students are, depends on whether or not to take Kaplan. Some students swear by this course and that it helps to pass the NCLEX-RN.

There are three different types of study preparation that Kaplan offers:

  1. An online live interactive classroom session offers students the ability to interact with an instructor and classmates using video, audio, and instant chat.
  2. Class review plus a CD -ROM with a bank of practice questions. This class can be taken in 3 days or over 2 weeks.
  3. Complete online access review of questions via video plus a CD- ROM with over 2,000 practice questions

Students are often left with the question about which course is tailored to them. It depends on how you like to study and what your attention span is. If a student is the type that does not like to sit in a classroom and are not easily distracted, the online courses may be a good course to take. If a student has to hear, see & smell everything before learning and has too much of a short attention span to listen to a CD-ROM at home, the complete class review will best fit.

Even though a student may not be a good test taker and want to take full advantage of the complete classroom session, the costs are different for each course. The prices range from $418.00 to $499.00 for the courses. Some students think that Kaplan is an overview of what they learned in school. This is not a basic review course. Kaplan teaches students how to look at different parts of the question to figure out what is being asked. Students will also learn explanations and get feedback on why questions are asked in certain ways. There are strategies to taking any test and NCLEX-RN definitely requires serious critical thinking skills before moving on to the next question. Some students will only study NCLEX review books and take the state board. Some pass and some fail so it is up to the individual student to determine what is best.


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