Working With Group Partners

Head to toe assessments, poster projects, discussions and case studies are all projects that nursing school requires students to have partners. Your nursing school is broken into two separate but related portions — classroom instruction and clinical rotations. If you are going to nursing school that offers a bachelor’s degree, you can generally expect the majority of your papers and projects to involve working with a partner or a group for the classroom portion. Usually for clinicals, you work alone and are responsible for 100% of passing or failing.

Classes in nursing theory and evidence-based practice require a group effort. From the time nursing school starts, you will have a group project and have to choose a partner or group. This partner or group is usually with people you have chosen and get along with. In nursing school, you can expect to rely heavily on study groups with your classmates to help you through the difficult material. After you have taken enough classes together, your fellow classmates will begin to feel like family! This would be ideal throughout all semesters but sometimes students get split up during clinicals due to student-instructor ratio.

Working in groups is not always a fun and easy situation. Some students will put in more work than others. Usually if a student is lazy and irresponsible at home in their daily lives they will be the same way during the group projects. This will cause other group participants to have more work and even more stress. There will always be one or two people in the group that are unwilling to put in 100%. In these situations most nursing students are powerless in getting everyone to put in the effort. It forces you and/or the other students to finish whatever that other student could not. This extra stress will add on to worrying about passing the next medication calculation test or NCLEX.

School projects should be started on immediately due to many changes that could happen last minute. If the project is a power point presentation, usually every one can be responsible for a specific topic & one other person can put the slide together. Group papers have to flow so they can be more difficult to complete. Papers should defiantly be started ahead of time due to corrections that may have to be made. Group discussions are easier since they are mostly done in class and everyone has no choice but to participate. It is possible for everyone to take a specific part of a case study and make a nice flowing paper in order to get a decent grade. Since the grade of the group project will affect everyone, it is impossible to just let one person do all the work or to even say it’s ok if one person does not do their work. If you want an A, then the people who are willing to work will pick up the slack and finish the project. Unfortunately this is how it is in nursing school and some workplaces.

Whenever you have group projects that everyone is not putting in 100%, just remember that this is the real world. The people who are not putting 100% into their school work usually have the same employment ethic also. It is best to learn how to deal with working in groups while in nursing school before you get into the nursing field. There are going to be plenty of times where you will use the same strategy’s on how to deal with lazy people during your employment.


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