Nursing Students Share Top 5 Essential Skills to Be Successful in Nursing School

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Nursing Students Share Top 5 Essential Skills to Be Successful in Nursing School
By []Rachel Cleary

Interested in the Nursing Profession? So are 167,597 other people who registered to take the NCLEX exam, the final step to being a RN (Registered Nurse), according to a study conducted by The National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Nursing Schools have a great responsibility in maintaining high professional standards and prospective students are expected to meet the personal, scholastic, and professional qualifications necessary to meet and exceed expectations. More often these days, online educational programs enlarge the opportunity for prospective nursing applicants to enter the allied health profession. So, the question remains, what does it really take to become a nurse? A nursing degree is an interdisciplinary degree, engaging students in diverse and complex experiences that often require unique combinations of cognitive, physical, psychomotor, and social abilities. The education of a nurse is often trained through client care experiences in preparation for independent practice, semi-autonomous practice, and/or making appropriate decisions required in practice. We asked third year nursing students at Virginia College to give us their perspective on the essential qualifications and skills needed to be successful in Nursing school.

Motor Skills - The ability to execute movements to provide general care and treatments to clients is essential in any health care setting. For example, training the body to master a full range of motion, mastering technical and procedural aspects of client care, and developing adequate physical stamina and energy to carry out these tasks over long hours is what is expected of a Nurse.

Cognitive Nursing Applicants should be ready to synthesize large amount of information and integrate reason, analysis, and quantitative measurements in the context of nursing study. Being able to quickly read and comprehend extensive material - both written and verbal is critical. The evaluation and application of material learned in the classroom must be easily applied to the clinical setting, and nursing students should be comfortable with the uncertainty and ambiguity at times in these clinical situations.

Communication - The nursing students must be able to not only communicate effectively, but also sensitively with other students, staff, clients, and patients. Responding to emotions and exhibiting awareness of social and cultural differences lies at the core of a good Nurse. The ability to give and receive feedback, convey and exchange information, convey and exchange information, give directions clearly during treatment and post treatment, accurately process and communicate information on a client using correct medical terminology is also crucial, as there is no room for error in the Nursing profession.

Emotional and Behavioral Nursing students are subjected to many situations that require emotional sensitivity and mature, compassionate judgment. Emotional stability is critical when dealing with highly stressful and unpredictable situations. Nursing students must understand that his/her values, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes directly affect his/ her perceptions and relationships with patients and team members.

Professionalism - Though this remains at the core of any profession or field, Nursing requires a great deal of professionalism at all times. Nursing school students must be willing to learn and to abide by professional standards of practice - including attributes of integrity, honesty, responsibility, and tolerance. Professionalism must be maintained across all client populations - including but not limited to children, adults, disabled, and medically compromised adults.

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